Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Friends of Gold

Today was a really long tiring day.  Trying to get water down to all the animals after a 15 inch snowfall is very daunting.  After shoveling a path through the 4 foot wall of plowed snow, slogging through 15 inches of snow a distance of 600 feet to the barns numerous times, then shoveling out the four-wheeler 5 times and 4 hours later, all the animals were fed and watered.  Anywho, I'm now writing this at 4 am and I'm about ready to drop.  But I wanted to get this up asap.  This really should have been my first post but since I didn't know what I was doing, I think my friends will forgive me.  I want to tell you about PhotoImpact International photoimpact-international.com/forum/ .   This isn't a sales pitch, it's a just wonderful group of people that get together to share anything they can on how to use Photo Impact .  All of my work is done in PI.  I don't own PSP or any other graphics program of note.  I did just download Daz3d but haven't even installed it yet (that's a whole nother project).  The people at PIIforum are truly friends of gold.  There is always someone there to help with a problem or to keep you going and the fun never stops.  The also do animation, PSP and other graphics groups. And there is a  fantastic scrapbooking group.  Please stop by and join, we'd love to have you there.  This kit is dedicated to all my "Friends of Gold" at PII forum, but I'm sharing it with you too.  The model in the photos is also a Friend of Gold, one of cats, Tanner.  And other than my husband, and my kids, he is more precious to me than gold.   He is a true one of a kind and never fails to brighten my day or night.  Hope you all enjoy! Good night!

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